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Driving with bioptics.


High Technology for Low Vision Patients Allows Many to Drive and Read

For many patients with macular degeneration and other vision-related conditions, the loss of central visual detail also signals the end to one of the last bastions of independence  – driving. A Cincinnati optometrist, Dr. Todd Winkler, is using miniaturized telescopes that are mounted in eyeglasses to help people who have lost vision from macular degeneration and other conditions.

“Some of my patients consider me the last stop for people who have vision loss,” said Dr. Todd Winkler, a low vision optometrist and one of only a small number of doctors in the country who fits bioptic telescopes to help those who have lost vision due to macular degeneration and other debilitating eye diseases. In addition to bioptic telescopes for distance viewing, high-powered microscopic glasses to help with reading and other near-point tasks can often be prescribed. “My job is to figure out everything and anything possible to keep a person functioning,” says Dr. Winkler.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 513-791-3556 and Dr. Winkler will personally provide a free telephone consultation.

Dr. Todd Winkler, Low Vision Optometrist

Our office has a close working relationship with the ophthalmologists located at Apex Eye, the Cincinnati Eye Institute and Tri-State Centers for Sight. If you require a referral to a specialist for macular degeneration or any other condition affecting the eyes, we would be more than glad to assist you. If you simply require a low vision evaluation, then please contact our office at your earliest convenience.

Please find news and headlines about Low Vision and our office below:

July 2016: Dr. Winkler is the first optometrist in Cincinnati to successfully complete the Pre-Implant Optometric training program for VisionCare’s CentraSight Implantable Miniature Telescope, the first FDA-approved implantable telescope in the United States. The implantable telescope marks yet another milestone in surgical achievement.

August 2016: Subsequently, Dr. Winkler becomes the first optometrist in Cincinnati to successfully complete the Post-Implant Optometric training program for VisionCare’s CentraSight Implantable Miniature Telescope, the same telescope referenced above.

October 2016: If you would like Dr. Winkler to speak to your group or organization on a vision-related topic, please contact our office so that we can make all necessary arrangements.

November 2016: We have launched our new YouTube channel. To view, simply click here.

January 2017: Dr. Winkler presented a lecture on the topic of Low Vision to residents of The Lodge Retirement Community.

February 2017: To watch our YouTube video on Low Vision, click here.

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